A La Carte Menu

Garlic Bread 10.9 v
House made flat bread, whipped garlic butter, melted mozzarella cheese

Bruschetta 12.9 v
Roma tomato, basil, Spanish onion, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, balsamic syrup, toasted Turkish bread

Seared Scallops 18 gf
Pan seared Canadian scallops, grilled asparagus, citrus reduction, prosciutto crumb
Wine Match: Totara Sauvignon Blanc

Breaded Mushroom 16
Fresh breaded field mushroom, goats fetta, chilli tomato compote, basil
Wine Match: Angoves Merlot 188ml Picolo or Match: Saint Clair Pinot Noir 375ml

Chilli Passionfruit Calamari 16
Salt and pepper crusted calamari, black sesame, chilli passionfruit and lime syrup, coriander, fresh chilli salad
Wine Match: Pinot Gris

Wagyu Brisket 17 gf
Slow-braised wagyu beef brisket, white bean puree, black vinegar caramel, blistered cherry tomatoes
Wine Match: Thorne Clarke Shiraz

Garlic Chilli King Prawns 22
Pan fried king prawns, chilli garlic butter, char grilled Turkish, baby herbs
Wine Match: Totara Sauvignon Blanc

Char-grilled Lamb Backstrap 19
Char-grilled lamb backstrap, sautéed leek bacon, potato salad, rosemary jus
Wine Match: Thorne Clarke Shiraz
Pork Belly 37 gf
Twice cooked pork belly, roasted cauliflower puree, fennel salted king prawns, pickled raddish, black vinegar caramel
Match: Koonowla Riesling or an apple cider

Confit Chicken Maryland 35 gf
Confit chicken maryland, truffle kipfler fries, minted pea puree, rosemary jus
Wine Match: Chardonnay

Classic Ratatouille 28 v
Roasted winter vegetable ratatouille, napolitano sauce, Persian fetta, candied walnuts
Match: Angoves Merlot 188ml Picolo or Saint Clair Pinot Noir 375ml

300gm Black Angus Scotch Fillet 42 gf
Char grilled 300g Mb 2+ scotch fillet, desiree and fetta gallette, beetroot relish, red wine jus
Wine Match: Thorne Clarke Shiraz

Roast Duck 36 gf
Roasted half duck, pearl cous cous, black grapes, watercress, ruby grapefruit, citrus reduction
Wine Match: Saint Clair Pinot Noir 375ml or Angoves Merlot 188ml

Market Fresh Fish of the Day
Ask your wait staff for today’s catch

sautéed green beans, crispy prosciutto / parmesan truffle fries / green leafy salad, house dressing


Pasfields Mess 15.9
Belgium chocolate brownie, meringue, forest fruit compote, raspberry sorbet

Chocolate Assiette15.9
White chocolate delice, Belgium chocolate brownie, house made cherry ripe, dark chocolate fudge, vanilla mascarpone

Blueberry Apple Crumble 14.9 gf
Blueberry apple crumble, toasted oats, crème anglaise, vanilla ice cream

Doughnuts + Dips 13.9
House-made cinnamon doughnuts, chef’s selection of dipping sauces, vanilla ice-cream

Affagato 5.5 /16 including liqueur
Espresso, vanilla ice cream with either Frangelico or Amaretto

Chocagato 5.5 / 16 including liqueur
Hot chocolate, vanilla ice cream with liqueur (white choc, strawberry, choc, blackcurrant, butterscotch or baileys)